Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Mistake, or a "Fluid Plan"?

In tonight's legal notices in the Beloit Daily News, The School District of Beloit's legal notice appears to say the new school will be built at the current Morgan School site. Even their sample ballot in the bottom right hand corner implies the new school will be built at the current Morgan School site.... Really?
Now, either the district has again changed their minds, or this is another mistake. Either one is disturbing.

There has never been what we consider a properly developed plan, and now, less than 24 hours before the vote, this happens.


  1. If that is what the ballot actually says, I believe that they would be bound by that language. Any funds authorized by the referendum would be dedicated to the site specified by that language. Of course, the Morgan site is definitely unsuitable.... it's too small and it has too many traffic problems. This is one more reason to vote down this proposed referendum, at least until things are more thoroughly thought through,

  2. Joyce,
    The sample ballot published by the city does not mention Morgan School, but the sample ballot published by the school district in their "legal notice" clearly says the new school will be built at the curent Morgan site. Morgan school is mentioned several times in the school district's published legal notice. What a confusing mess!

  3. Maybe the property negotiations fell through. Why else would Morgan school suddenly show up in the legal notice? But they already promised us the school would NOT be built there. I am really wondering now.

  4. Lets hope some proponents read this and change thier minds. I would think that they would be bound to the site since thier legal notice says so. Seems any other site would now be illegal if they were to pass and build anywhere else. Or we're being lied to again.

  5. What they don't realize? By the "social number stats" Beloit, has and seems to be a "better prison system" at the "working taxpayers expense" on this Border ~~

    a) Taking down Neighborhood Schools is a bad idea

    b) This City, used to "bus" the kids...for some reason? They NEGATED that "factor" Was IT out of control? Just like the City Worker and his "pre-paid credit card" ??

    You really don't need busing, if the "schools" are in the proper places to where "humans reside"

    c) Tossed them all to the "city bus system"... Makes a lotta bus drivers mad, and even the PAYING clients

    d) "D" is close to flunking, I have "graded" this PLAN

  6. Thank you "Beloiters for a Better Referendum" for all your hard work. You have pointed out a number of deficiencies in the referendum and your efforts are appreciated. Again, thank you !!!