Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Mistake, or a "Fluid Plan"?

In tonight's legal notices in the Beloit Daily News, The School District of Beloit's legal notice appears to say the new school will be built at the current Morgan School site. Even their sample ballot in the bottom right hand corner implies the new school will be built at the current Morgan School site.... Really?
Now, either the district has again changed their minds, or this is another mistake. Either one is disturbing.

There has never been what we consider a properly developed plan, and now, less than 24 hours before the vote, this happens.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Do you know where the new school will be?  Negotiations are still ongoing.

Do you know that, whatever the negotiated price of the property, the district did not budget for it and that the construction projects presented in the BDN already total 69.9 million dollars? 

Do you know if your child will have to walk across highway 81 each way to school?

Do you know if your child will have a school bus to get to school everyday, or will you have to drive him?

Do you know how long your child will be on a bus each day?

Do you know what will happen to the soon-to-be vacant school building in your neighborhood?

Do you know what the changes will do to your property value?

Do you know if your neighborhood school will be "repurposed" and what that means exactly?

Do you know how much YOUR property tax will increase next year?

Do you know there are other tax increases planned next year in addition to the referendum increase?

Do you know how much your rent will increase as a result of the referendum? 

Do you know that the district just gave a roofing job to a construction company that is not a local company and that there is no guarantee local contractors will get the bids for all of the referendum work?

Do you know for sure that 70 million dollars is enough to complete the proposed work?